What Study Skills do I Need to Succeed in an Accelerated BSN Program?

The study skills needed to succeed in an accelerated BSN program are slightly different than the skills you might need in a traditional nursing program, however, completing an accelerated BSN program provides a faster entry point into this growing job market. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of registered nursing positions in the United States will increase by 19 percent, which is equal to more than 526,000 jobs. With a BSN degree and an RN license, you have the chance to work in a variety of different positions, and with certain skills, you will find you can perform better in an accelerated BSN program.

Time Management

In traditional nursing programs, you spend up to four years working on transitioning from associate’s nursing degree to a BSN degree. But in an accelerated program, you can complete your studies in two years or less. In an accelerated program, you need good time management skills. Instead of taking 16 week classes, you might take classes that only run for six weeks. This means you will have to manage your time in order to complete the same work in and condensed amount of time. Time management skills will help you set aside time for working on homework, spending time with your family and working at your current job.

Organizational Skills

Nurses working in the medical field need strong organizational skills, and you’ll need those same skills while working on your degree. An accelerated program moves quickly, so organizational skills will keep you on top of the your classwork and assignments. If you take a course that meets just once a week, you need to know how to manage your time to complete the necessary readings and finish any papers or projects due before the next class. You also need to know how to keep track of assignments and due dates throughout the program.

Computer Training

Computers skills are one of the most important skills that you need as a BSN student. Nurses use computers daily to record the vital statistics of patients, to keep track of patient information and to check their schedules. In a BSN program, you need a good background in computers, which will help you finish your assignments, research topics relating to your studies and stay in contact with your professors. Some BSN programs require that students take one or more computer science classes and/or a course that focuses on the technology that nurses use in the field.

Independent Thinking

In addition to the different study skills to succeed in an accelerated BSN program, you also need to know how to think independently. If you’re the type of person who enjoys learning on your own and can handle classes that move at a fast pace, an accelerated program might be a good fit. Those who do best in these programs are those who can think independently and don’t require meeting with a professor or spending long hours to gain a better understanding of the materials.

Accelerated programs let you finish your BSN degree in a fraction of the time that it would take through a traditional program. Before enrolling, make sure that you have the study skills to succeed in an accelerated BSN program, including strong organizational, computer and time management skills, as well as the ability to think and learn on your own.

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