What Skills Are Needed to Be an Excellent Nurse?

If you are searching for a career that will allow you to make a profound difference in the lives of others who are truly in need, then you should determine whether you have the skillset to be a nurse. Beyond being healthcare providers, nurses are listeners, companions, leaders, patient advocates, and knowledgeable professionals that play a prominent role in helping ill patients recover from their condition. While it is true that nursing often demands long hours and comes with stressful work environments, nurses are special people who can prosper in these difficult situations to excel in the career. In order to figure out if you have what it takes to be a good nurse, read on to learn about the skillset needed in today’s healthcare system.

Good Communication Skills

As vital members of the healthcare team, nurses need to communicate with fellow nurses, physicians, surgeons, patients, patients’ families, and other healthcare professionals on a daily base to ensure the best possible patient care. Therefore, it is essential that nurses possess exceptional speaking skills to answer questions, share knowledge, and make sure patients’ needs are being fulfilled. Since nurses are usually in the most contact with patients, they should have solid listening skills to pay attention to patients’ concerns and relay this information to the rest of the team to prevent any medical mishaps. Communication is central for being able to build caring patient relationships, create a cohesive healthcare team, and speak up when there are concerns about a patient’s condition.

Positive Attitude

When working in a fast-paced environment surrounded by patients who are sick or injured, it is critical that nurses have the skills to remain emotionally stable to display a positive attitude. In order to help patients and their families through times of crisis, nurses need to be caring, compassionate, empathetic, and nonjudgmental to sympathize with patients from all walks of life. Regardless of the emergencies, traumatic events, or life-threatening conditions that are impacting their patients, great nurses should have the skills necessary to stay calm, make effective decisions, and carry out treatment plans under a wide range of circumstances. With exceptional interpersonal skills, nurses are able to put patients and their families at ease.

Strong Attention to Detail

Nurses consistently handle the life of another human being and play a major part in treating patients’ medical concerns.  Because of this, they must have a strong attention to detail to perform all of their responsibilities with accuracy. With very little room for error, good nurses will have solid observation skills to remain alert with frequent monitoring and notice any minor changes in a patient’s condition. Nurses must be detail-oriented with good organizational skills to keep a thorough record of all information on patients’ charts, deliver medications at the appropriate time, and work with multiple patients with different health needs over the course of their shift.

Overall, nurses are highly trained healthcare professionals that must have solid critical thinking, communication, organizational, speaking, listening, interpersonal, team-building, and leadership skills with a compassionate attitude to be successful. The employment of registered nurses is expected to grow much faster than average by 19%, thus creating over 526,000 new jobs by 2022. If you think you have the skillset to be a nurse, then you should consider joining this profession. If you have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree, you may want to consider applying to an accelerated BSN program to get the education necessary to succeed in the nursing field.