What Related Jobs Can I Do While Working on My BSN?

If you are considering working and going to school at the same time, you may be wondering about jobs related to a BSN. While it could be necessary to work for practical and financial reasons, it is understandable that you may be especially interested in finding jobs related to your nursing goals.

The Demands of Nursing School

Nursing school is a demanding season as you are preparing for an important and highly skilled career. A BSN degree will require that you take general education classes, science classes and classes in which you learn specific nursing skills. In addition to academic demands, there is the challenge of paying for school and regular living expenses, which usually includes the need to work. Given the rigors of your degree, you want to make sure that you don’t tire yourself out. It’s important that nurses learn good self-care. At the same time, if you can find work related to your growing skills, you can accomplish both help in financing your education and advancing your skills and career-related work experience.

Starting as an RNnurse

Many students working on their BSN are already registered nurses (RN). They begin their careers with an associate’s degree, receive their RN license, then decide to go on to a four year degree by working in an RN to BSN program. If you are already an RN, there may be a number of nursing related jobs open to you while you complete your BSN. These include jobs as bedside nurses in hospitals and nursing positions in rehabilitation facilities, home health agencies or hospice facilities. You may find that more jobs would be open to you if you already had your BSN, but that’s one reason you’re working on your degree! Some healthcare facilities you work for will be encouraging of your goal to get more education and may even help you pay for your tuition.

Fellowships and Residencies

If you are working on your BSN and do not yet have your RN, there may still be nursing related positions you can find, including jobs as nursing assistants or aides. These will likely not pay as well as more advanced nursing jobs, but they will still give you some assured income and provide opportunities to practice your skills. Talk with your professors and mentors to see if there are nursing related jobs you can get with your current level of clinical skills. In addition, there may be residencies or fellowships you can participate in which will provide nursing related work. Some of these may be awarded like scholarships, so try to keep your grades up. As you near the end of your BSN, your teachers will want to do all they can to help you transition from student to professional nurse.

The demands of studying for a four year nursing degree can be rigorous, but the investment of your time and effort can pay off in a rewarding career. As you work to balance school, work and other aspects of life, it’s wise to find work that can support you practically but also assist you in skill building. Ask your advisers and mentors to help you find jobs related to a BSN that will advance your career goals.