What Can I Do With An Accelerated BSN Degree?

If you currently hold a bachelor’s degree in a field other than the medical field, but dream of becoming a nurse, you might be wondering “What can I do with an accelerated BSN degree?”

Why Earn An Accelerated BSN Degree?

What Can I Do With An Accelerated BSN Degree?Accelerated BSN programs are offered to those who are already a registered nurse, are enrolled in nursing school already, or hold a degree in something else and want to enter the nursing field. This type of program is fast paced and is designed to allow students to earn their degree in a shortened period of time. A BSN degree can lead to an increase in salary and be the stepping stone towards obtaining higher degrees. Many BSN programs allow you to work and go to school at the same time, and will offer classes that work around your employment schedule.

Many public and private universities offer accelerated nursing programs and are located throughout the United States. Tulane University in Louisiana offers an accelerated program that is networked with other schools in the southeastern part of the country. California State University at Long Beach offers an accelerated BSN program, as well as Illinois State University. Earning a nursing degree through an online accelerated BSN program is also a good option for many busy students.

What You Can Do With An Accelerated BSN Degree

An accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program can give nurses many management opportunities within various health care facilities. It can lead to great advances in career development as well as certifications in specific fields of practice. The personal satisfaction and salary increase that come with earning your BSN are major benefits.

When you ask “What can I do with an accelerated BSN degree?” it is important to remember that there are financial, career and personal benefits to continuing your nursing education.