Are There Any Entrance Exams I Need to Take to Get into an Accelerated BSN Program?

Many prospective students wonder if they will need to pass entrance exams for an Accelerated BSN program before they will be granted acceptance. This is a legitimate question and a question that you should consider prior to applying for any fast track Bachelor of Science Nursing program.

Accelerated BSN programs are designed for students who want to become Registered Nurses as fast as possible and already have a Bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline. Because these programs are unique and increasingly popular, you may need to meet specific admissions requirements that you would not normally need when entering a traditional BSN program. One of these requirements could earning an acceptable score on an entrance exam. Read on and learn about eligibility requirements you may need to meet to earn your BSN in 11 to 18 months.Entrance Exams

GRE Entrance Exam Requirements

Every school with their own accelerated nursing programs has their own unique entrance exam requirements. In fact, while many schools do require applicants to pass a specific exam, there are schools with no entrance exam requirements. These schools typically have a less competitive admissions process and are more lenient with who they allow into their programs. If you are more interested in entering a competitive program, prepare to schedule entrance exam dates well before the next program application period.

One of the more common exam requirements is the Graduate Record Exam or GRE. Typically, graduate schools will require students applying for Master’s programs to complete this test, but Accelerated BSN programs have this requirement in order to assess a candidate’s reading and writing skills. This ensures that you will be able to keep up with fast-paced studies and that you have retained information that you learned in your previous undergraduate program. Many schools will waive the GRE exam requirement if you have a GPA of 3.4 or higher. GPA requirements may vary, depending on the school.

The Kaplan Exam Requirement

If you are not required to take the GRE and earn a score in the top 50th percentile, you may be required to take the Kaplan Exam before you are accepted into an accelerated BSN program. The Kaplan Exam is a nursing entrance exam that can help simplify the admissions process. The pre-admissions exam will evaluate your skills in reading, writing, math and science to see if you have the academic skills needed to be a successful nursing student. In addition to 91 multiple choice questions, you will need to complete a writing assignment on a specific topic. These tests are specific to nursing in that they test skills that you need to perform in nursing school.

Now that you know the common entrance exam requirements, it is important to review prerequisite requirements. Most programs accept applications in the Fall so it is in your best interest to verify that you have all of the credit requirements under your belt at least 6 months prior.  This will ensure you have ample time to complete last minute prerequisite classes, if necessary. Be sure to schedule your test dates for entrance exams for an Accelerated BSN months in advance, and use test prep tools to your advantage.