What Is An Accelerated BSN Degree?

What Is An Accelerated BSN Degree?Accelerated BSN degree programs confer the BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing) degree in a shorter than normal time period. They are intended for people who do not already have their nursing license, and completion of any accredited BSN program makes them eligible to be a registered nurse.

Accelerated bachelor of science in nursing programs are primarily aimed at those with a non-nursing bachelor’s degrees who are looking for a career change. Online and accelerated BSN programs are convenient for those without schools in their area, and finding a nursing school that offers these degrees can be the key to successfully completing a program.

How To Find The Top Accelerated BSN Degree Programs

Online accelerated BSN programs are a combination of distance learning and local internships. The University of Wisconsin offers a 12-month, fully accredited degree that leads to licensure as a registered nurse. Marian University’s nursing school program is 16 months and also accredited. The University of Southern Nevada’s fully-accredited program is in between, at 14 months. All require previous completion of undergraduate degrees with any majors, as well as some prerequisite coursework that varies between universities. Each of the accelerated BSN degree programs works with a different hospital chain, so the best option for you might be the program with the nearest hospital for completing the internship portion of the degree. People in accelerated programs are generally top students, as the programs are competitive and rigorous, and can lead to 60 to 80 hour weeks for the duration of study.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals With an Accelerated BSN Degree

Registered nurses made a median wage of $64,690 in 2010 (BLS, 2010). However, this figure includes those with associate’s degrees as well as those with BSN degrees. Management opportunities and salary increase options are more likely for those with more advanced degrees, such as the BSN. Additionally, personal satisfaction with their on-going career development is likely to be higher when a person has more education, because this often leads to more opportunities. Nurses at hospitals and other 24-hour facilities may work odd hours, including weekends and holidays, but nurses at schools and clinics may have a more typical 9-to-5 schedule.

Nursing is a calling as well as a career, since it requires dedication and hard work. An accelerated BSN degree is an option for people who want to shift gears and pursue that calling so they can start something they love as quickly as possible.